Simple Sound for Small Devices
last updated: 14 JUN 2003 (v0.6)

Function Name:  sssd_timePlaying

   Return the last position of the playing audio sample sent to the audio device.  Not that this is NOT the last sample to come out of the speakers, but the last position sssd sent to the audio buffer.

C Prototype:

float sssd_timePlaying (struct sssdaudio *ga, int playing_id);

  Other Prototypes:


struct gameaudio *ga

    Pointer to an initialized sssdaudio structure (returned by sssd_initAudio)

int playing_id

    Playing ID returned by sssd_playSample().


    Playing_id argument is no or no longer valid

    Last sample position sent to the audio device

libsssd (c)2003 Patrick Roberts created from libgaudio (c) 1999-2000 A. Schiffler.  Release as open source under MPL 1.1.  Documentation (c)2003 Patrick Roberts.