Simple Sound for Small Devices
last updated: 03 JUN 2003 (v0.6)

Function Name:  sssd_testLatency

    Returns the maximum libsssd latency.  This currently does not take into account any system overhead.

C Prototype:

int sssd_testLatency (struct sssdaudio *ga );

  Other Prototypes:


struct gameaudio *ga

    Pointer to an initialized sssdaudio structure (returned by sssd_initAudio)


Example latency in milliseconds.   While 0 is possible, it will usually represent that testLatency failed. 

libsssd (c)2003 Patrick Roberts created from libgaudio (c) 1999-2000 A. Schiffler.  Release as open source under MPL 1.1.  Documentation (c)2003 Patrick Roberts.