Simple Sound for Small Devices
last updated: 03 JUN 2003 (v0.6)

Function Name:  sssd_playSample

  Asks the mixer to play a sample.  This function is a simplified macro for sssd_playSamplePP()

C Prototype:

int sssd_playSample( struct sssdaudio* ga, int sample_id, int repeat_count, int volume, int pan )

  Other Prototypes:


struct gameaudio *ga

    Pointer to an initialized sssdaudio structure (returned by sssd_initAudio)

int sample_id

    Sample ID number returned by loadSample..., copySample..., or registerSample.

int repeat count

    Number of times to repeat sample.  1 plays the sample once, 0 plays loops the sample indefinately.  Numbers greater than 1 will play the sample n number of times.

int volume

    Volume to play the sample at.  0 is silent, 256 is full volume.

int pan

    Pan location to play sample at.  -128 is left speaker, 0 is center, and 128 is right speaker.  This argument is ignored if the mixer is set to mono (channels=1)


Playing_id to be used to control play instance of sample.

    Invalid sample_id.

libsssd (c)2003 Patrick Roberts created from libgaudio (c) 1999-2000 A. Schiffler.  Release as open source under MPL 1.1.  Documentation (c)2003 Patrick Roberts.