Simple Sound for Small Devices
last updated: 03 JUN 2003 (v0.6)

Function Name:  sssd_playBackground

    Start a background music file playing.  If a backgound music file is already playing, it will be stopped and replaced.

C Prototype:

int sssd_playBackground( struct sssdaudio* ga, const char* filename, int flags, char *user_args )

  Other Prototypes:


struct gameaudio *ga

    Pointer to an initialized sssdaudio structure (returned by sssd_initAudio)

const char *filename

    Name of music file on filesystem

int flags

    Or'ed list of flags:

One format flag (see background formats):
BKG_FORMAT_BESTGUESS (guess at the file format)
BKG_FORMAT_MP3       (Mpeg-1 layer 3 audio)
BKG_FORMAT_OGG       (Vorbis OGG)
BKG_FORMAT_MOD       (MOD - see background formats)
BKG_FORMAT_USER (see user_args below)

Other flags:
BKG_PLAY_LOOP (loop the background music)

const char *user_args

    Arguments that will be added to the background decoder's command line.  If flag BKG_FORMAT_USER is set, then this becomes the whole command line to use.  (see background decoding apps)



    Sssd subsystem is not running.

    Could not start background decoding program

libsssd (c)2003 Patrick Roberts created from libgaudio (c) 1999-2000 A. Schiffler.  Release as open source under MPL 1.1.  Documentation (c)2003 Patrick Roberts.