Known Issues, Platform Notes and Development Notes.

All Platforms

    -playBackground() currently does not work.
    -getSystemInfo() currently does not work


    -Allowing the driver to pick the best buffer size sound like a good idea, however, the drivers on my two linux systems both returned buffers that were too small.  I've replaced the device querry with the following:

    8-bit mono: 256
    8-bit stereo: 512
    16-bit mono: 512
    16-bit stereo: 1024

    frequency 22050 = *2
    frequency 44100 = *4

Windows CE/ Win32

    -Can't specify device for startAudio() - it currently only uses DEFAULT_DEVICE
    -resume() doens't allow for device changes.

AmigaDE/Intent Hosted

   -Intermittant hanging when calling freeAudio() under linux

Last Update:  21 Jun 2003